How To Find The Best Cologne For Men

Many men simply choose the scent that they wear by either copying friends or family members' choices, or simply grab the current popular fragrance of the month. What many men do not realize is that the scent that they wear is just as important as their clothing. The best cologne for men will vary according to each man, but there are methods that will help guys find the perfect fragrance for them.


Finding the Right Scented Cologne: Every man has a signature scent that is ideal for him, and finding it will probably involve more than simply grabbing the first male fragrance at the perfume counter. A man's fragrance is just as important as the tie that he wears with his suit, and the wrong scent can ruin an intimate moment. While the right scent can increase a man's confidence both at work and at play.


The Different Scents: Men's perfumes can be divided into different scents, to help make it easier for men to find the right one for them. The lighter scents include fresh green fragrances, along with citrus and outdoorsy, which often includes hints of the ocean. Heavier male fragrances include the spicy scents, along with the warmer perfumes that include notes of sandalwood and cinnamon. Rich leather perfumes and woodsy scents are other popular male fragrances.


Determining Skin Type: Different skin types will affect the way a man's cologne smells on his skin, and should influence his decision when he is deciding on a new fragrance. There are two different skin types, oily and dry and each will affect the cologne's fragrance when it comes into contact.


Oily skin can make a cologne smell stronger and enhance the different fragrance notes. This makes it difficult to wear fragrances that include heavy undertones of musk or sandalwood. Scents that are light and fresh work best with this skin type, including citrus and ocean breeze colognes. Not only will these fragrances not run the risk of becoming overpowering, the moist, oily skin will help the light scent last longer.


Fragrances will not last long on dry or sensitive skin types, and applying a lighter scent more often will not help the fragrance noticeably stay on. Instead male fragrances that have heavy notes of musk, sandalwood, and even tobacco are ideal for this type of male skin tone. To help prolong the scent and improve skin appearance, many fragrances for men also include aromatic soothing facial lotions.


Lifestyle Affects Cologne Choices: Simply because a men's fragrance smells good in the sample bottle, does not necessarily mean that it is the best one. A man's lifestyle will also influence a man's choice. Frequently eating spicy foods, cigar or cigarette smoke, along with alcohol consumption can all change the scent of a man's fragrance.


Lighter men's perfumes with a fresh, citrus scent work best for men who are frequently outdoors, where perspiration can interfere with heavier, richer male fragrances. The musk's and spicier, woodsy fragrances do best in clubs and boardrooms where the stronger scents are not as overpowering.


Choosing A Man's Cologne: Once a man has an idea of what to look for, it is time to go shopping. Most men have found it helpful to bring a female friend along to help narrow down the choices. Not only can a woman give a different perspective, it is always helpful to hear an opinion on how it smells from another person.

Most perfume counters have small cards for fragrances to be sprayed on.  

This will help to give a clearer sense of the exact smell of the male fragrance, without the interference of skin type and perspiration. It is not uncommon for all of the men's perfumes to begin to smell the same after awhile, and most perfume counters have coffee beans for customers to smell. The scent of the coffee beans can help to clear the nasal passageways.


It is important not to rush when buying a men's fragrance, and also to let the scent rest for five minutes. All perfumes change slightly once they have had time to settle. Waiting a little bit and sniffing the sample card again can help to prevent purchasing the wrong fragrance.


A man's fragrance should grow and change with him, and should be a reflection of his personality and lifestyle. Even though it might take some time and research to find the right men's fragrance, the benefits are well worth it. The right scent can give a man a new sense of confidence, and even improve his social life. Simply remember that the best male fragrance will only enhance, and not be overpowering.


Do You Want to Become a Fashion Designer?

Do you have dreams of becoming a fashion designer? Do clothes remind you more of wearable art than anything else? Have you made your own clothes in the past? If you can answer these questions in the affirmative, then chances are you’re a good candidate for heading to fashion school here in Australia. Here’s what you should know.

Look Into Your Options

There is no shortage of fashion schools here in Australia. You could go to the Australian Institute of Fashion Design, the Melbourne School of Fashion, Design College of Australia, the Whitehouse Institute of Design and many other examples.

However, each has their own unique programs and requirements, meaning some may not be right for you and a couple may think you’re not right for them. To ensure you don’t waste any time or money, it makes sense to take time to look into which ones are going to be a good fit.

Begin Early

The earlier you can start looking into fashion schools in Australia, the better chance you’ll have of getting into one that actually fits your needs.

This means not just looking into which kind of school you’ll like the most, it also means finding out what they’ll require. Fashion school is different than a lot of other forms of higher education here in Australia. Some schools will take you in with no experience whatsoever.

But if you have aspirations of getting into some of the “better” schools—those with impressive track records and alumni—you’ll need to have a portfolio to show off. The sooner you can get together a great version, the better shot you’ll have at making it into the school of your dreams!

Speak to Alumni

Always look for alumni from a certain school to get an idea of what their experience was like and, equally important, how much it actually helped them. Obviously, many schools in Australia have some alumni worth bragging about, but there are a number of reasons for exceptions like that.

Instead, look into contacting alumni that sit more in the average range of what you can reliably expect. Ask them if they would still attend the same school if they had it to do over again. Even if they would, many may be able to pass on some wisdom that would have made a big difference.

Becoming a fashion designer in Australia starts with going to the right school. With the above in mind, you’ll have a much better shot at doing so.